Lunch of ESTES Snapshot Study on Small Bowel Obstruction

As you may know ESTES is promoting the “Snapshots”, multicenter prospective observational studies. In continuation of this initiative, there is a new launch of ESTES Snapshot Study on Small Bowel Obstruction.

Primary Objective
To explore differences in patients, management and outcomes across the entire cohort to identify areas of practice variability resulting in apparent differences in outcome warranting further study. The outcomes that the study will examine are:
▪ Incidence of small bowel obstruction by etiology.
▪ Differences in clinical presentation.
▪ Diagnostic work-up.
▪ Non-operative management strategies.
▪ Time to surgery and outcomes.
▪ Complications related to disease and/or therapies within 60 post-operative days.
▪ Length of Emergency Department and Hospital stay.
▪ Re-admission within 6 months for related conditions.

Serbian Society of Emergency Surgery invites its members to apply for participation in the mentioned study.

We ask interested researchers to confirm their participation by email.

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