SSES conducts education of doctors, nurses and other professionals dealing with the treatment and care of emergency abdominal surgical patients and patients with severe abdominal trauma and polytrauma. 

SSES promotes best clinical practice, in accordance with latest emergency surgery guidelines.

The acquisition of knowledge about  emergency surgical patients treatment, sepsis and severe trauma, is carried out through courses that include all stages of treatment:

  1. pre-hospital care of emergency surgical and trauma patients
  2. diagnostic methods in emergency surgery and trauma
  3. hospital treatment, emergency surgery, non-surgical invasive and conservative treatment methods
  4. Intensive care unit management
  5. postoperative care and rehabilitation
  6. nutrition, enteral and parenteral nutrition in emergency surgical patients, septic and severe injured patients
  7. surgical complications

The education is conducted by emergency surgery experts. Depending on the area of interest, other specialists are included in the education. 

SSES provides the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in emergency surgery,  interventional radiology and endoscopy.

SSES aims to spread knowledge, conduct research and encourage the learning of specific surgical methods in emergency surgery and trauma care. Courses for specific surgical methods with reference to indications, surgical technique, postoperative monitoring and complications are:

  1. “Open Abdomen” and Temporary Abdominal Closure Techniques
  2. Treatment of intra-abdominal infection –  source control
  3. Damage Control Surgery 
  4. Bleeding control in trauma
  5. Hemostasis in non-surgical gastrointestinal bleeding
  6. Open surgery – from the perspective of emergency surgery
  7. Laparoscopic surgery in emergency surgery and trauma
  8. Hybrid trauma management