A member of the Society may be any doctor who accepts the goals of the Society and the Statute and, at the invitation of the Board of Directors, sign the  application on accession to the Society .

In addition to regular members, the Society may also have associate and honorary members, who do not pay membership fees and do not have other obligations or rights exercised by regular members of the Society in accordance with the law.

An associate member may be another professional of the medical and non-medical profession who, through his engagement, can contribute to the work and development of the Society, after signing an application on joining the Society in that capacity at the invitation of the Steering Committee.

An honorary member may be any person who has made a significant contribution to the work of the Society. The decision on the election to honorary membership is made by the Board of Directors, at the proposal of at least three members of the Society.

Members of the Assembly of the Society with the right to vote are only regular members, while associate and honorary members may attend sessions of the Assembly at the invitation of the Steering Committee and express their views on them, but do not have the right to vote.

A regular member of the Society has the right to:

  1. participate in achieving the goals of the Society;
  2. directly participate in decision-making at the Assembly of the Society, as well as through the bodies of the Society;
  3. be elected to the bodies of the Society;
  4. Be thoroughly informed about the work and activities of the Society.

A regular member is obliged to:

  1. actively contributes to the achievement of the goals of the Society;
  2. participates, in accordance with interest, in the activities of the Society;
  3. pays membership fee;
  4. performs other tasks assigned to him by the Board of Directors.

The associate member participates in the activities related to his specific knowledge and experience. The associate member has the right to be timely and fully informed about the work and activities of the Society.